BFIII Collection

Collection consists of our light Envy Jacket, modern style vests, long sleeve round and club collar shirts, contemporary bowties and a new branded jean, the Wilmington salvage jean.

The entire collection is called:

“Inner city lifestyle collection”

WoolherringbonevestWillmington jean is named after a street. The street is where the first sample of jeans was manufactured in Los Angeles.  All denim jeans is manufactured in Los Angeles.

The Willmington jean is a slender straight leg. This 5 pocket jean has lower front pockets so the wearer can access any objects or easily place there hand inside. The waist is also cut a wider for a more comfortable fit.

Canon 2012 181

The Envy Jacket collection comes in three colors: Black, Herringbone and Olive. The jacket is designed simple, yet it has unique style straights that make it stylish.

Details such as magnetic buttons and an antique brass zipper. Both stylish functions we felt were necessary.  Yes we said magnetic jacket buttons.  Chambray lining is only in the body, sleeves are unlined for a more relaxed feel.We design collars for attitude, they’re cut to be worn up with flare.

Over the last few years we’ve tried to find our vision for a shirt collection. Two years ago we introduced our Denim and chambray shirt series, this was something that came together only after our photoshoot, prior to that the direction was not clear. With some tweaks, higher end fabrics and different collar choices something magical happened that we became proud off. We called it the Denim & Chambray series.


Denim & Chambray shirt series, it’s all about the fit, uniqueness and detail. Nothing is left for chance. Buttons, thread, fabric; none of it is left for chance.  For us, selecting  a button is as important as trying to decide what we should do on our birthday. It is a big deal.

The style of the shirt is not a classic design. It’s a tad bit slimmer and designed to be worn outside the jeans. Our design is upscale casual with a trendy downtown vibe. It took some time to perfect our look, now it can hold it’s own against the big brands.


081314_Benny Flores Collection-078Moto vest is just one of the many styles of vests we carry. Our vests liven up a guys wardrobe. They fit well and  designed to be rugged and long lasting. The moto vest is a bikers dream, because to be honest, guys look great riding their bikes while and wearing out Moto Vest. High collars, magnetic buttons, and antique brass zippers help add an era of rugged sophistication to this vest. 

 With the Inner City lifestyle collection my goal was to develop clothes that expresses an adventurous rugged spirit yet be stylish enough to exude quality and gentlemen details. 

Double breasted wool vest











 Hello Buyers,

 As of now this collection is only sold wholesale direct to retailers.

General Public: Retail store is coming soon, if you want to buy direct from us please send inquiry and we will be happy to accommodate any order.  Email below or reach out via our digital line.

Phone: 310-809-0239  –  Pacific Standard Time: 9am to 7pm –  Los Angeles

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