Tap-2-Time Watch: Rebranding

In my first two years of designing I decided to  attend my first trade show because of the sales opportunities and exposure. Due to the fact that I could not make product fast enough I imported some inexpensive fun touch screen digital watches. The watches were private label, meaning I could brand them and sell them as my own. This was the fastest way I could increase my product selection and have more of an opportunity to sell products.

Well it worked! While at the trade show a representative from a company called MyHabit.com, a branch of Amazon, approached me and said they liked the watches. He said he would be in touch, I assumed I would never here from him again. To my surprise they reached out and wanted to know more about the watch and brand name.   At the time I did not have an official name. They were just a bunch of colorful silicon watches. I knew in order to make the watches more attractive they needed to be photographed nicely. While they were being photographed I came up with the name Tap2Time.  The name worked because the wearer had to tap the screen to get the watches to reveal the time. The name was fun for their demographic, kids. I jumped on my computer and began creating the graphic and came up with this.

When I finally sent over the images and name they liked the product. To my surprise they placed an order for 700 watches.  The buyer wanted to know if they came in a package. I said yes, even though I did not have a box for them. So I began designing the box at the same time I was working with the manufacture to process my order.  I had never designed a box before so the process took a little longer then expected.  The manufacture was great because they were able to add the name Tap2 Time on the back
of the watch. This reinforced the brand and made the product stand out. Some manufactures in China will go that extra mile to make sure you are a returning customer. It does not hurt to ask if they will do extras for you.


Presentation is everything when presenting to a product. It’s important because the better the images look the greater opportunity of selling a product. I believe the images were a big part of the selling of the watches because they did not look this good at the trade show. Click on the word Presentation to see a large image. That impressed me.

We played around with some promotional images to see if we could get interest off them.

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