Looking for contributing men’s style writers. 

Are you the next Bill Cunningham?  Are you a: stylist, blogger, designer, aspiring writer, photographer, or just someone who loves mens style? If so, then we want to chat with you. We’re selecting a few candidates to write for us.

  • Looking for three style writers.
  • You don’t have to be a professional writer, just be able to proof read your work.
  • Some one who is committed to growing their writing name and gaining experience.
  • Looking for writers who have an eye for style.
  • Are you a designer and want to build your own brand as a style writer? Then write for us. We don’t mind if you have other pursuits  as long as you write with passion and humor.

The job

  • Work from home. Can be in any city across the US.
  • We’re looking for someone to contribute at least two articles a month with supporting photos.
    1. We’re not looking to add a heavy workload to your life. If you’re having a busy month and can’t get an article in, no worries.
    2. We want quality over quantity.
    3. Here’s the idea. If you see something amazing and random snap a photo and inspire people with your words.
  • Word count: 350 to 600 words.
  • We know you have a fashion voice and we want to hear it!!
  • Once a month or every other month we’ll have a 2.5 hour meeting to discuss progress and new ideas. Meetings will be held on weekends for an easier commute.
    1. The meeting will either be discussion based at our office or a style field trip where we go to places for inspiration and motivation.
  • Once written, articles should be emailed in with photos.
    1. They will then be proof read, edited and up loaded.
  • Stories should be light hearted and fun. Looking for witty humor about mens fashion.
    1. No Gossip.
    2. No celebrity stuff, unless it is positive.
    3. No making fun of people because they have a poor sense of style.
  • Compensation: $20 per article

Please send resume and link to work.