Who & Why.

Benny Flores III, is a mens apparel product developer. His focus is on physical products, private label design and fashion media. The goal of the designs has always been to break away from the traditional and focus on an aesthetic that is just amazing to look at.

Development Practices

• Design & Sketch clothes.
• Develop first sample of product.
• Manage constant revisions with manufacturing team.
• Strategies with team for best course of action for selling.
• Oversee manufacturing.
• Develop clothing forecasting for future sales cycles.
• Oversee all costs of product development. 
• Guide creative for editorial photo shoots.
• Source fabric and all hardware for production.
Assure product is delivered to spec and on time!!!!!
• Utilize Photoshop to design products and edit product images.


Designing clothes is a continual process of learning, experimentation and work. Each design undergoes a series of changes and modifications to meet our level of perfection. We’ve learned to listen first, ask questions and not cut corners because that’s just bad business. I develop mens garments and private label products for retail clients. The private label devision helps big and small brands stay current with street wear and contemporary designs. In the private label division the focus is on two categories of design: Traditional mens wear evolved:  What we do is take traditional guys wear and evolve the designs. In essence, weIconvest-Elastic SleevesRW update the fit and design of a traditional mens garment all while keeping the original style familiar for the cautiously modern guy. Generation Evolve: These designs are geared toward younger guys who stay on trend and thrive on modern fashion. This is our specialty, it gives us the freedom to create trends and capture new audiences. Theatrical designs, we devote a lot of creativity to supporting theater, television and film productions.

Galaxy double image

Example: The client, a theatrical company that caters to high school musicals is always in search of fabrics that wows. For your show choir customers it’s all about stage presence.  I would often look for fabric that would captivate audiences. 

Finding the right fabric or designing a garment to perfection are challenges we undertake. This is accomplished by working with some of the best designers, manufactures, and creative fashion people in Los Angeles.

Designer & Founder, Benny Flores III


Please contact us if you have any questions.



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