Design Overview


Our featured focus is the Willmington denim. This was the street our first sample of denim was manufactured. 4 pants and lampsWillmington denim is a slender straight leg, not slim fitting like a skinny jean. The waist line has a half inch ease for more comfort.  Willmington Jean is the prelube for CITYS denim that took a year to complete once I started.

Canon 2012 181


The Envy Jacket collection was designed to be casual yet trendy.  Details: Magnetic buttons, chambray lining and a high collar were added for extra value and uniquenesses. The idea behind the Envy jacket was to make it a central piece, one that could make anyone wearing look great. In some alternate universe this jacket has the potential to replace the legendary denim jacket. 





Denim & Chambray shirt series is all about the fit and uniqueness. Nothing is left for chance.  For us, selecting  a button is as important as trying to decide what we should do on our birthday. It is a big deal. The style of the shirt is not a classic design. It’s a tad bit slimmer and designed to be worn outside. Our design is upscale casual with a trendy downtown vibe. It took some time to perfect our look but we’re glad we spent time tinkering with it.

Moto vest is just one of the many styles of vests designed.  Vests liven up a guys wardrobe and were designed to be rugged and long lasting. The moto vest is a bikers dream. High collars, magnetic buttons, and antique brass zippers add the rugged sophistication I was striving for. The faux shearling lined herringbone vest was created to have a worn in presence. Great for the college guy who wants to toss on a key piece but not have to worry about it being ironed.

The design goal was to create a collection with a rugged spirit yet stylish enough to exude quality and gentlemen details.  To have an idea of some of my specialty work click on the Design Focus button.











 Hello Buyers,

 As of now this collection is only sold wholesale direct to retailers.

General Public: Retail store is coming soon, if you want to buy direct from us please send inquiry and we will be happy to accommodate any order.  Email below or reach out via our digital line.

Phone: 310-809-0239  –  Pacific Standard Time: 9am to 7pm –  Los Angeles

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