Denim Dream

Designing denim was a goal I wanted to achieve. The idea came to me in 2014. Like anything new, the thought of designing denim was daunting and unfamiliar.  In the beginning I was clueless and the process took almost three years because it was difficult finding denim partners. Luckily I found a company called R58 denim. I began working hanging sideways denim.jpgwith Rebecca who is both knowledgable and patient. This was helpful since no one wanted to work with me because my orders were going to be small and I was a beginner. That’s why I’m very grateful for Rebecca.

When I walked into R58 all I knew is my denim had to be cool. Cool denim means nothing to denim manufacture so we had to start with the fit. I already had a pattern to work with so we worked from that. To those that don’t know, a pattern is the blue print of a clothing garment. You really can’t make a garment without some form of a pattern. I had my pattern made from a pattern maker two years prior. When I took my pattern to R58 all I wanted them to do was make some adjustments and tweaks to the denim would have less fabric and a slimmer look. That process took roughly 6 months because of all the changes. That gave me just the right amount of time to focus on other tasks that needed to be worked on such as pocket lining.

Gingham Pockets-glasses.jpg

Gingham Details

Pocket lining is one of the details that gets over looked. To most it’s not that important but to us it is part of the character of the brand CITYS. A lot of time and thought went into selecting the gingham pocket lining. The biggest factor that worried us is if the lining would shrink. Luckily it did not.

Royal BlueRoyal-Blue.png

Royal Blue threading was a risk that I really was not sure about. After much thought I’m glad I went for it.  The threading really helps the denim color pop. The threading does not look to vibrant when wearing.  As the denim starts to fade, this is when the threading really stands out and looks great. We used a high quality thread so it would last longer over time.

Notice the buttons and rivets? We had them painted to match the buttons. We felt it was a subtle detail that would eventually get noticed by the wearer. This was another detail that took a few weeks to work out because the of the painting process. Luckily this was accomplished in the states because it might have taken longer to get painted.

bunch of Citys


We’ve had some very interesting feedback about the embroidered label. It’s a flare that people are really digging. The label it self is quality embroidering and was designed to last a long time. We stayed away from traditional denim details in order to have our own point of view. It was something that I strived to do from the very beginning when I decided to do my own denim line.

What you see here is just a snap shot of what it took to create a denim brand.  Hope this gave you some insight into my denim dream.

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