Wearing flannel: a love story.

Some people say wearing flannel is no longer cool for school. As a wearer and designer of flannel, I dig it because it evokes many emotions. In my childhood it was itchy. With today’s options and fits, I love it because a feeling of badassness engulfs me when I toss one on.

70’s Ad

The image behind flannel has changed. Flannel wearers can be viewed as woodsy or rugged with a sort of tough persona attached. Even if your flannel was purchased at a mall next to a Victoria Secrets. Today’s flannels have yesterdays “looks” associated to them. Since we are not living in the 70’s or 80’s, lets not do that to ourselves.

To update from your dad’s 70’s flannel to the modern era you first need to pick out a flannel.  Unconsciously, when purchasing a shirt, many style ideologies run through our minds. This is your guide to what you like and feel comfortable in. So listen to your instinct. You will inevitably wonder,  will this look cool with my jeans?

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Soft Flannel Assortment- BFIII

Wearing flannel with jeans is a traditional look. You’re not reading this riveting style guyde pub to be like your dweeb neighbor. You’re here to be one step above your fellow flannel wearers. To break that habit, try this. Wear your flannel with anything other than jeans. Yes, I know, it would be a shocker.  There are not any rules to wearing your flannel just incase this seems odd. Try these tips.

#1 If the flannel fabric is worn and faded, wear it with broken in or distressed wool or cotton pants. Please no khakis.  When the shirt is newer and of a higher quality, wear it with slacks of a nicer caliber. Match the likeness just to be safe.

design by: Anoush, Art stylist

#2 Guys in this case, size does matter.

The size of the plaid determines the overall appearance of a look. Some large plaid flannels make the body look larger than intended. Although if you toss it on and you feel confident, then forget what I just said and wear it.

Something else to consider, if the shirt goes about 3 inches below your “man zone”, then the length may be too long. It kinda of depends on how tall you are. Really, the only rule is this, if you love it and feel confident in it, then wear it.

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