Summer Pool Cool

Summer ShortsSummer is here and that means pool parties.  

What better way to enjoy summer then to attend a pool party! It’s a fun way to meet new people and hang out.

The question I get asked is, how do I dress for a pool party? Especially, if the  party transforms into a night party and the weather turns chilly.

To avoid the night chill and transform your board shorts into a stylish look, pair them up with a long sleeve shirt and T-shirt. We layered our chambray shirt with a t-shirt, the look holds it’s own in terms of pool cool.


 Seven successful style suggestions.

1. Wear a chambray, cotton or linen shirt. No polyester or work dress shirts. Shirt has to breath and look casual.

2. Don’t starch it. Keep it casual. Look at our chambray shirt, it’s slightly wrinkled to match the casual board shorts.

Summer Shorts3. Please, Please, Please don’t tuck your shirt into your shorts.

4. Roll the sleeves up. If it gets chilly, roll the sleeves down. This look is not only stylish it’s functional.

5.  Don’t feel like your shirt has to totally match your shorts. Mismatching colors and patterns is a great idea. Here’s this rule, if you don’t feel confident that the shirt matches then grab another one. That simple.

 6. Don’t button it all the way down. The pool is way more chill than casual Fridays. 

7.  Lastly, just have fun with it. 



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