How to find your sexy style.

Personal style, not everyone has it, has a clue about it or even gives a hoot.

That’s totally ok, but remember, you have style whether you think you do or not. For those wanting to change up their style, please continue reading.

Style is relative and is in the eye of the beholder. So really, there’s no wrong way to style yourself up. I design mens designer, yet most of the time I wear cutoff shorts, black t-shirt and sneakers without socks. Why? That attire makes me feel good and confident, that’s my go to casual look. Let’s help you find your style.

icon-vestFirst, if you don’t have a clue of what your style is then how about we start from the beginning. To find your style you need to try on clothes, tons of clothes or you can always search the internet, that would definitely be easier.  View this process like a puzzle board. When working on a puzzle you put pieces together to see if it fits if it does not you try something else. Yet, for this puzzle, not everything has to fit exactly as you think it should.

This is your first tip in trying to find your inner Ralph Lauren. Clear your mind from the rules that have been established about guys and fashion, just try it. Restricting beliefs can limit your inner Mozart and steer you back to the same spot.

Second, if you think it looks good and you’ll feel confident wearing it then wear it. Don’t let old fashion rules hold you back. Will people laugh at you? Will they say something that makes you feel like you’re wearing the wrong outfit?

Yes. Most likely. Probably. Not really. No, of course they would not judge you because you’re a confident sexy beast.

That’s both the glory and pain of trying to find a style that resonates with you. Yes, some people are not going to like the new you but others will not. Remember, if you feel sexy in your fly gear then others will think the same of you. Look at the image, that guy looks confident,  he looks confident not only because he has confidence but also because he feels great in what he’s wearing.

Third tip, the basics of style start with trial and error. First find clothes you can afford. Don’t feel like you have to buy labels to make yourself look good. Try on various shirts, jackets, pants and mix and match. Once you find something you like, you’ll know it and feel proud.

Lastly for now, a great understanding of style does not happen over night. It takes time. Building a wardrobe on a limited budget also takes time. If you want to start building up your wardrobe buy key pieces. Buy what you think is the most practical to start with then build a wardrobe around it. Use our model as an example. Which would be the first thing you buy?  The Icon vest, jeans or the T-shirt?  Start small but think unique. This way you can continue to define your own personal style without breaking the bank.

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  1. quintanj1 says:

    Love that shirt!!! Perfect!!

    1. Thank you! The photo and model really helped convey the look I was going for.


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