Mistakes Made

In growing a brand there are a lot of mistakes made. Some are easy to move past while others can cause distress. In a competitive fashion market and with hundreds of other fly by night brands popping evert decision made can be a costly one. In short,  I cut corners to try and save money and it ended up costing me more money and damaged my reputation. 

Upon my second year of designing I created this vest. The vest had undergone multiple cycles of product development so as to meet my high standards. The irony, why would I work so hard to make something great and then cut corners to make it look cheap.  

This leads me to my example. Below are two vests, on the right is a higher quality product. Premium cotton was used for the exterior and a soft premium satin lining was used to the line vest. The lining was a central focus of the vest.  The Left was created with different lining and fabric, a dumb downed cheaper version of the vest presented.  Myvestfail sales rep at the time was annoyed, honestly, I was just embarrassed .

Trying to save money and create more profits is what was the intended goal. My rational was, who will ever know? Boy, was I wrong.

Lesson learned.


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