the customer will never know.

For a young brand, a loss of a customer is a learning mistake you did not want to learn. The ironic part is that I cut corners to try and save money and it ended up costing me more money and damaged my reputation.

High Collared Vest

Upon my second year of designing I created this vest. The vest had undergone multiple cycles of product development just to meet the standards I held for my designs. Another irony in my design fail, which was, why would I work so hard to make something great and then cut corners to make it look cheap.  

The photo of the two vests is what I tweeted a couple of years back. The vest on the right is a higher quality product, premium cotton was used for the exterior. The satin lining was both soft and beautiful, bought at a quality mens shop in down Los Angeles. That photo was a quick image, it’s about as cheap looking and dull as the vest on the left. Myvestfail sales rep at the time was annoyed and honestly I was just embarrassed.  

Cutting costs derived from common business mistakesFirst, money. I was running out of money and panic set in. I wanted to see profit, profit, profits so I could pay myself back. The thought came over me,

the customer will never know. Boy, I was wrong and screwed myself.

The second decision to do it was, “everyone else was doing it” so that made it ok for me to do it. I let others influence my decision even though I knew deep down it might not work out. The third factor was the presumption that others were making money cutting corners. I was lured in by the thought of a quick buck, what a dumb f**k.

See the dots


they represent ants on the same path. I’ve considered myself one to stray from the path of lameness and to follow others is not my style. Yet I did it.

Lesson learned.

The idea is to stay your course and listen to your intuition. Just like I know when a design is complete I should of listened to myself and made the best  decision for my brand. 

Remember we can never follow in someones success but we sure can copy the failures of others.

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