Sell emotion, sell a shirt.

Say what?

For any designer making mens shirts, the question becomes, how do you reinvent the shirt and capture a new buying audience? If you think about it, it seems impossible to redo something like the long sleeve button up shirt. Yet brands do it all the time.  One method we use is to sell an emotion.

The goal, show the buyer that your product will make him look and feel great. Get him to imagine their life will improve if they buy your collection. A happy attitude and self image is a powerful thing.  Great photos selling those ideas are even better.

DancingTo give an example, there are two images below. The guys in mid air look like they’re having way more fun than the image of the guys just standing around. In todays Instagram moments, guys flying mid air may just be what it takes to get your shirt sold.

If you create creative images for your products it just may help you win over a customer. HireCanon 2012 473 a firm or coordinate it yourself, either way it’s better than nothing at all. Look at the image with no model or personality. Yes the shirt still looks good but not as good as the one where the guys is in mid air having the time of his life.





So to wrap up, if you have the resources and time, take a photo that makes your instagram followers proud.

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