Convey an emotion, sell a shirt.

An emotion?

For any designer making mens wear is, how do you reinvent what already has been made thousands of times. How do you capture an audience with a shirt or vest they can get anywhere? The goal is to show the buyer that your product will make him look and feel better. Get him to imagine that their life will improve if they buy your collection. You know what, if they believe their life will improve, it will improve. A happy attitude and self image is a powerful thing. I have many found memories of clothes I felt great in.

DancingTo give an example, there are two images below. The guys in mid air look like they are having way more fun then the other image. In todays Instragram moment guys flying mid air may just be what gets that vest or shirt sold.

If you create a creative message for your products it just may help you win over a customer. You can hireCanon 2012 473 a firm or you can coordinate it yourself either way if it does not work you’ll always have fun images to post on your site.






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